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Nicole McNelis

You know when you hit road blocks and wonder why something isn't working? That's what happened with this episode. Technology decided to completely STOP working. Here's what I know about road blocks along my way. They are a good indication that I am going the right way! That's how i felt about this episode. Technology issues or not- I was going to get this episode released into the world. That's because Nicole McNelis joined me on the show today. Nicole was an absolute gem! I enjoyed learning more about her passion in supporting women through her therapy practice. Here's the thing about Nicole. She doesn't just say that she wants to support women. She is absolutely doing so and changing lives along the way! I am so thankful for our conversation and know that you are going to LOVE Nicole!

Nicole McNelis is a mental health therapist and a Jersey girl at heart – born and

raised right outside New York City in Northern New Jersey. She talks with her

hands, wears her heart on her sleeve, and does not have an inside voice. Her

therapy clients frequently comment on her straightforward and engaging style of


Currently, Nicole operates her very own counseling private practice in the lovely

suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – in Phoenixville, Chester County - where she also resides

with her family. (No worries though, lots of trips to the Jersey shore keep this

transplanted Jersey girl grounded and happy!)

Nicole’s practice focuses on the needs of women, moms, and mom-to-be. Passionate

about supporting women through life transitions both big and small, Nicole helps

women move through the overwhelm and exhaustion of juggling it all. Her practice

is women-centric and creates a safe space for women to explore their own unique

and important challenges.

Nicole McNelis, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

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*Please note that this podcast is not intended to be therapy or to replace therapy. However, we hope that you find it beneficial.*

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