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Consultation Services

Do you want to know one of my biggest fears when I decided to move to full time private practice? I was concerned about the lack of connection with other mental health professionals.I knew that I loved what I did. I knew I was following the path that I needed to. But, I was worried about not being able to bounce ideas off of other therapists. I had to make a serious effort to build and strengthen relationships with other professionals. 

I never want another therapist to feel isolated. I never want another therapist to desire to share a tough situation but have no where to turn.  We are not meant to live life alone. So, I began providing consultation services for mental health professionals. It's an important part of my desire to help support and encourage others.  One of my core values is what is good for one of us is good for us all.

Now, let me ask you.  Do you ever feel isolated? Do you wish that you had a friendly therapist who you could meet with to receive honest feedback and have helpful discussions about treatment AND your business? 

If so, I'm your lady.  I would love to work together. Contact me today!

- Kelly

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