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Episode 64: Jessica Rhodes- Fostering Hope

Guess who's back? Back again? Kelly's back! Tell your friends! Anyone else singing? After almost an entire year, Kelly and the Encouragers is back!!! So much has changed. I'm sure how/what the podcast will look like from here on out. But, I have three AMAZING episodes that I recorded with FANTASTIC guests some time ago. I went to upload these episodes as few different times. The time never really felt right. But, today? TODAY IS THE DAY!

On today's episode, my dearest friend Jessica Rhodes joined me. Jessica is one of those friends who I could not see for years but would still greet me with a huge smile and a hug. I absolutely adore both her and her husband Don so much. They are currently parenting six (yes, you read that right) children. AND, they are rocking it. Jessica has been so wonderful to share their story of foster care. She shares the ins and outs of navigating it, her wonderful perspective, and the hardest moments. I can feel that someone out there needs to hear this episode. I'm not sure who it is. But, I know they will find Jessica and Don's story at just the right moment.

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