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Melissa Williams

Listen to our very FIRST live recorded episode of Kelly and the Encouragers podcast! Melissa returns to the podcast to discuss how to own your worth as a woman and how to build healthy relationships with other women. We provider you with tangible steps to building those relationship so listen closely! You won’t want to miss it!

Image of Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams is a Licensed Social Worker in North Dakota and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Melissa started Secrets of a Social Worker which is a self-development blog to provide education, motivation, and support to others. She has worked in the areas of youth and adult chemical dependency treatment, treatment foster care, and human trafficking. Her experience includes knowledge in mental health and trauma. Melissa has facilitated group therapy focusing on at-risk youth and adults, parolees, and foster parents. She assisted in creating a summer food service program for children in Fargo, ND. Melissa studied abroad the social welfare system of Ireland. In her current role as the Eastern Human Trafficking Navigator based out of Fargo, ND, Melissa educates and trains community partners to improve their knowledge on human trafficking as well as advocate for those in need of the community’s assistance. Melissa’s role includes assisting service providers and law enforcement to utilize and create human trafficking specific resources. The Navigator role also includes providing technical assistance to victims, providers, and law enforcement regarding any human trafficking needs. Melissa coordinates ongoing multi-disciplinary team meetings on the Eastern side of ND to ensure that wraparound services are being provided for youth and adults, and provides supportive case management to suspected and confirmed victims of human trafficking. Melissa assists community providers and law enforcement in the development and implementation of protocols to respond to suspected/confirmed victims of human trafficking. Melissa is a member of the North Dakota Human Trafficking Task Force and vice chair of the Labor Trafficking Subcommittee.

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***Please note that this podcast is not intended to be therapy or to replace therapy. However, we hope that you will find this podcast to be beneficial!***

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