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Melissa Fitzgerald: One Real Momma, Every body and everybody is worth dressing!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved my conversation with Melissa! Her vulnerability and truth sharing made me feel connected with her quickly. I'm still cheering her on and checking out her outfits from afar. Plus, she's a Midwest gal so I felt like I was sitting down with one of my girlfriends from Illinois! She's the real deal. The perfect mix of fashion, truth, and encouragement. Also, don't forget to follow her on insta @onerealmomma!

" Melissa is a tell it like it is, love yourself as you are, work with what ya' got kind of woman.  She is a fashion stylist that specializes in dressing hard(er) to dress body types, specializing in size 14+ women's fashion. She applies her "fashion rule of 3" to whatever she brings into her closet and helps others learn to do the same - encouraging them to see their clothes as opportunities to create something they are proud of, regardless of budget or size marked on the tag.  As someone who has worked in education the past 15 years, she understands shopping on a budget and also has felt the pinch from lack of retail stores and available in-store retailers living in the Midwest.  Melissa is a mom of two boys and continues to be thankful for her best friend and partner in everything, her husband.   She is a resource for all things online shopping, all things style, and all things confidence!  Follow along on her journey over on Instagram @OneRealMomma and watch for website, coming soon!"

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