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Matt Lewis: Find Hope and Healing

I can't even begin to describe my excitement over this episode! Matt Lewis has been my friend for over 18 years. While we haven't seen each other in some time and live in different states, we keep in touch. He always bring joy in life and laughter to my soul. Matt is a remarkable human who has endured loss, addiction, and challenges with mental health. More so, Matt is one of hell of a fighter and someone who doesn't back down in the hard moments of life. I've said it SOOOO many times. But, I'm so honored to call Matt a friend and I'm honored to introduce him to you. This won't be the last time that you hear from him. His story is going to change the world!

"I’m Matt, a recovering alcoholic from Chicago! My story isn’t necessarily unique, but it is something I feel needs to be shared. Growing up gay, I always felt different, out of place. In college, drinking became my way to fit in. A series of life events happened that further fueled my drinking habits as my main coping mechanism.

The day I decided to make changes, I never knew just how much my life could change for the better. I talk about my life before sobriety, the changes and transition into sobriety and what it’s like today.

The reason for sharing my story with you is the hope that I may help someone else who is struggling. If you are struggling, reach out and talk to someone you trust. It is possible to make it to the other side of addiction."

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