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Lindsey Cramer

When I first met Lindsey, I knew I had to get her on the podcast. One of my goals is to be the most encouraging person that I know. I want to clear- this is NOT a competition! It’s just a standard that helps me make sure my goal is at the forefront of my mind. Here’s the deal. Legitimately, Lindsey is the most encouraging person that I know. Even more than that, she shows love in every interaction with others. I can’t wait for you to hear her heart and mission of serving others by operating I WILL Fitness and Training! You will absolutely love her!

Picture of Lindsey Cramer lifting weights
My name is Lindsey Cramer. My family and I live in Jamestown, ND and I am the owner of I WILL Fitness & Training, a boutique group exercise studio which just turned two years old. My husband Dan is a psychologist and he is one of my fitness instructors, along with a team of 8 more incredible instructors. He is one of my biggest fans/supporters (the feeling is mutual!) We have five children ranging in age from 5-14 years old. At our house there is never a dull moment and my crew continues to challenge me to be the best me I can be. My greatest joy is to serve the Lord in all that I say and do. My hope is that others may feel Him through me. I grew up in Jamestown and was a competitive athlete from day one. Over the years I have realized the unlimited benefits of fitness and wellness and it is my honor to bring this to all those I work with. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education at the University of North Dakota, I spent a few years in Bloomington, IN working as the Fitness Director for adults with developmental disabilities at Stone Belt day programming center. Then transitioning back into the gym atmosphere, I spent another year as a personal trainer working one-on-one with clients. Upon returning to ND, I went back to teaching group exercise classes and made that my (part-time) occupation, along with raising my family. Two years ago I took a leap and opened my own fitness studio. I Will Fitness & Training is the result of 15+ years of being inspired by people everyday, while teaching group exercise classes. Starting out as a fitness instructor in Grand Forks, ND making cold calls and cleaning treadmills, I fell in love with the opportunity to impact peoples lives in a positive way, through fitness. As an extension of I Will Fitness, I am also an Herbalife distributor. I love bringing healthy nutrition options to help people reach their goals. My goal is to help make fitness and wellness available and attainable to everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, gender, and personal goals

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