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Felicity Fox

Felicity joins the podcast today to share her knowledge of the writing process, creativity, and how to find your passions. Life is amazing when you can find a way to get paid to work your DREAM job! She even read a small part of her book. I cannot wait to read her book with my son! Also, I may have found someone who loves tea as much as I do. That’s never happened!

Felicity was born and raised in a charming, small New England town in Upstate New York. She could often be found carrying a notebook and pencil, jotting down stories. She loved the arts-reading, writing, acting and singing in school plays and musicals, and playing the piano. She was active in her church, teaching and participating in several youth groups.

Felicity’s love for the autumn season began at a young age when the smells of leaves, pumpkins, and apple cider motivated her to jot down ideas for a holiday book. The ideas for this book continued as the years passed and would become her first children’s book, Where the Holidays Go.

In addition to penning books, Felicity is an editor and ghostwriter for a publishing company and a freelance editor, ghostwriter, and blogger for various platforms. She also loves to do Author Visits! (See "Hire Me"/Author Visits" page for more on those.) Felicity is a stay-at-home mom to her two children, who are the loves of her life! She writes and reads daily, anxious to grow in knowledge. Enthusiastic and usually enjoying a cup of tea, she is always smiling and filled with hope!

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