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Episode 56: Amanda Accioly- The Lux Way

Amanda is personally responsibly for helping make the Kelly and the Encouragers process more efficient and effective. When I first met with Amanda, it was fascinating to see how her mind works. She has this amazing ability to find the bumps or missing parts of your business AND life. It has been an honor to work with Amanda. And, I know her message is going to help you today!

"Amanda is a recovering corporate woman who has found

her joy and happiness in working with other female

entrepreneurs. Building a business and conquering

every system and process is a continuous journey but

having a strong foundation in place is vital to your

success. Amanda graduated from the University of San

Diego and is now married with 2 children and lives in

Tampa, FL. She enjoys being outdoors, reading a good

book, and traveling."

"The Lux Way started as a virtual consulting business that was created to partner with business owners and help them streamline and scale or grow their business in an efficient way. It was also Amanda's escape from the corporate world.

Since Amanda started her freelancing journey in Fall 2018, she has grown her business to also include coaching women in doing the same. Amanda established a Facebook community of women who are corporate, professional, or now entrepreneurs to help them strategize their next move and scale their business without losing sight of their operations."


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