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Dr. Kristen Cain

I'm so excited to introduce you to Dr. Cain! I actually met her at a local fertility clinic. You will hear the story of why I ended up at a fertility clinic and learn from Dr. Cain. She is so knowledgeable about women's health and fertility. If you are struggling with your own fertility battle, please know that you are not alone. #solidarity

Dr. Kristen Cain is a Reproductive Endocrinologist and is double boarded in both Ob/Gyn and REI. She is currently in private practice in Charlotte, NC. She treats all causes of infertility and also treats menstrual disorders in women including PCOS as well as recurrent miscarriages. She aims to empower women by giving them the knowledge to make the best decisions for their lives. She is on Twitter and Instagram as @drkcain.

Kelly and the Encouragers podcast can be found on most podcast apps, Soundcloud, iTunes, or below. Please remember to subscribe and give us a rating. That helps us know what you enjoy and gives us feedback on how to improve the podcast. Thanks so much!

*Please note that this podcast is not intended to be therapy or replace therapy. However, we hope you find it beneficial.*

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