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Brittany Schank: Making the Most of Your Time!

Happy New Year! In case you haven't heard everyone else and their brother talking about it, it's 2020. A whole new decade has started. Honestly, I don't get too wrapped up in the whole "new year" perspective. Every day is a new start! I was so thrilled when Brittany agreed to come back on to the podcast. She is one of the best time managers that I have ever met! I loved being able to hear her explain her process. This steps and perspectives will significantly change your life and set you up for success every day!

"My name is Brittany Schank. I am a licensed clinical social worker, but you might also call me an encourager for those who have lost part of themselves, a listening ear, a hope finder, and a space holder for healing. I believe we need less fixing and more loving, less perfection and more appreciation for who we are, and less criticism and more encouragement around us."

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