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Becky Allen

This conversation!! It's hard to even put into words how profoundly impacted I am by Becky's story and heart. Her ability to truly take control of her life and win every single day is admirable. I know that you will love hearing from her and seeing her heart! Don't forget to hop on over to Win the Day Pro for more information too!

"Hey I’m Becky! I’m on a mission to help others become the best version of themselves. I love to discover how people are wired, how they process the world and how their strengths can be used to win each day as they add value to others.

I am taco obsessed, a creative thinker, have a constant drive to improve and love all things enneagram. Chances are you can find me dancing in the kitchen with my two kiddos, Dawson and Lainey, or soaking up some quiet time in the corner of a coffee shop."

Kelly and the Encouragers podcast can be found on most podcast apps, Soundcloud, iTunes, or at Please remember to subscribe and give us a rating. That helps us know what you enjoy and gives us feedback on how to improve the podcast.

*Please note that this podcast is not intended to be therapy or to replace therapy. However, we hope that you find it beneficial.*

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