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Rachel Ballard: How to Like Your Husband

Rachel is one of my favorite fellow podcasters. Her podcast, How to Like Your Husband is amazing! She shares authentically about her own experiences with her husband and provides tangible steps to help you through your own challenges. Want to improve your relationship? Rachel is your gal!

"Hey There, I’m Rachel.

I’m Going to Teach You How to Like Your Husband.

I am a marriage strategist whose soul-work is to teach women from all relationship backgrounds easy, practical and actionable steps for building a heart-centered, solid partnership with their spouse (on the days where it’s realllly hard to like ‘em).

Through her authentic and inspiring marriage content, supportive Facebook community and a hilariously funny new podcast, Rachel cultivates authentic, heart-centered and actionable strategies for women all over the world to start liking their husbands more (because sometimes, sister, it ain’t easy)!  

She will show you how to put in the hard work and why becoming more self-aware is the key to success (even when you feel like you can’t sustain your marriage one more day). Rachel will shine a light on how you can generate loving energy into your partnership and (re)discover the foundation of your marriage, as you choose to move closer to designing a life (and solid friendship) with your husband built on love, lust, and loyalty!"

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