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Nicole Blanco

I LOVED being able to sit down with Nicole Blanco to chat about her life, passions, and her desire to make the world a better place. Do you want to help make the world better AND give a family member a beautiful gift? Then, you want to head over to Colorful Sanchez RIGHT NOW! Follow her on Instagram!

"Hello, My name is Nicole Blanco I am the owner of an online boutique called ColorfulSanchez. 

We sell beautiful colorful Mexican/Colombian decor, clothes, and accessories. 

I am passionate about sharing the beauty of my culture as well as encouraging people to shop smart. 

I graduated from Texas State with a Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation. After graduating, I got a job at a psychiatric hospital as a recreational therapist. After two years I decided to work with elderly people in a nursing home. 

I got married last year, left everything and moved to Mexico, had a wild idea of starting my own boutique, and ColorfulSanchez was born. 

Recently I became a full-time entrepreneur. I am learning a lot and enjoying every minute of it."

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